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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 22, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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homeland. he toured the memorial and urged action against racism and antisemetism. >> we see their faces and we hear their voices, we look upon the objects of their lives, the art they created, the prayer books they carried. we see as they had hate etched in their arms they were not numbers. they were men, women and children. >> during the trip president obama bowed support for israel and appealed for new peace talks with the palestinians. the final stop is in jordan. >> hundreds remember a 16-year-old musician killed while cross train tracks near his home. last night was emotional for friends and family of donae
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johnican. you could often see him walking on campus with a guitar and head phones the he was hit by an approaching train while listening to music. >> the train clipped him. he want paying attention. there is a lesson, all teens who think it is cute. come on, the train tracks are not cute. >> the medical examiner has ruled his death an accident. caltrain was planning to add fencing along that section of track. >> this morning, san jose police are searching for a wanted parole he who ran from officers. police cordoned off a neighborhood searching for him in san jose. he was armed with a gun. the thing began when the police tried to detain him and the chase ended up in san jose. he hopped several fences to get away from the police. >> five bay area police departments will join law
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enforcement agencies around the world in a first ever 24-hour police tweet athon. the police departments are participating with 160 agencies worldwide to create awareness of police work and the issues that the officers face. they want to promote the use of social media by law enforcement and will tweet various service calls throughout the day starting at 8:00 a.m. agencies will use the say hashtag "plopwt." a preschooler teacher accused of trying to drug toddlers in her care is charged with ten misdemeanor counts of child endangerment. a fellow teacher in morgan hill saw her putting the over-the-counter sleep aid into sippy cups. she supervisorred map -- nap
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time for children one to two. >> the woman who died about being raped on santa cruz campus will face charges. the student told investigators she was searching for banana slugs along a campus trail and was beaten and assaulted. a campus alert was throughed and a sketch of a suspect was released but she admitted the truth a few days later. >> activists are going to undress when they stage another protest against the ban on public newtity in san francisco. a federal judge ruled against an appeal filed by feud activists last week claiming the ban is unconstitutional. a federal judge previously ruled the nudity was not protected as an expression of free speech. san francisco's law took affect on february 1. today's protest me begins at noonan at front steps of city hall. >> this morning, golden gate bridge officials are expected to approve a plan to raise the fee limit at toll plaza. right now, five miles per hour is the recommended speed in fast
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track lanes. officials want to raise that to 25 miles per hour to help traffic flow and all electronic toll collection begins on wednesday since drivers do not have to slow to pay the toll. if you are up sure how to pay we have all the information on the openings for drives on our website, on "see it on t." ground breaking in san francisco on a major new building on the ucsf mission bay campus, building a new global health and clinical science building at the corner of 3rd and 16th. the new building will house 1,500 staff, students and professionals involved in the university's global health programs and the offices of the ucsf chancellor and will open next year. >> we should not talk about wind chill but the winds are making it feel colder. >> we will check with mike nicco and check out the winds and the temperatures. >> the winds are making it feel
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cooler than yesterday when you step outside and the temperature is cooler in most areas than this time yesterday. the exception is in the not bay valley of santa rosa and novato to fairfield. everyone is one to two degrees cooler than yesterday. 37 in napa and sheltered for the breezes, and 42 in concord and los gatos with 41 and livermore is the cold pot and warm spot is oakland, fremont, and mountain view and san francisco and novato at 48 degrees. we will be in the low-to-mid 40's by 7:00 and off to a cooler spot. the breezes return to our neighborhoods by the lunch hour so if you are outside it will feel cooler. 55 at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. upper 60's to knee 70 around the bay and a mild meeting an the coast and you will be around 51 bay and inland. not so breezy tomorrow and temperatures are close to today, and sunday will be the warm of the day in the forecast.
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we will have a tapering of the temperatures but, still, mild, on monday. good morning, sue. >> good morning, everyone. back to san jose we have a fatality that happened at 3:15 this morning but it is not clear what is going on but there is a dead body on the road. this is a look at the breaking news, now, in san jose, south 280 the three right lanes are blocked with a lost activity and they expect the coroner to arrive at any minute. lots of activity so avoid this area if possible. the good at understand is southbound 280 to northbound 880 and northbound 880 back to southbound 101 to avoid this area. c.h.p. has a sig-alert in affect and it could be there for some time. elsewhere an accident in fremont, north 880 at mission, and that also is blocking a lane of traffic. back to the antioch area, pittsburg, eastbound four at railroad, an accident there, and
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westbound is still looking good as you make your way to pittsburg out of antioch. >> 4:39. a small dog, a big heartache after a pet is stolen on bart and the owner is desperate to get her companion back. >> an impost are made it into a cockpit. >> make-or-break time for blackberry, with vie long getting the new blackberry and pinning their hopes on it but it will be tough for blackberry to regain prominence. >> keeping your smartphone is a problem a mobile battery could be the solution. and our editor liked the mopie which can change how you use your phone. >> you feel more liberated, not so nervous or anxiety of using your phone all day long.
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>> it champions iphones and the company has similar battery pack cases for other
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back on this friday morning, 4:42. vallejo police are asking for help in finding a man who assaulted a woman on sunday afternoon on a park trail. investigators released a sketch of the man who grabbed the woman on a trail. they say he came up from behind and choked her and tried to drag her to a creek bed but she fought back and got away. the man is described as 5' 10" weighing 210 and last seen driving away from a two car acura with gray primer on the bumper. >> woman is desperate to find
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her dog that is trained to help the owner, a plane crash survivor, deal with anxiety, stolen while she fell asleep on the bart. >> i was screaming. >> she woke up in a bart train to find her dog gone. she and her one-year-old dog were headed home on wednesday night from the san francisco spca fundraising event. she had her hand bag on one side and her dog in a carrier on the other. >> he was next to me in the bag and i felt asleep. it was an accident and i woke up and he was gone. >> she has been looking for him around-the-clock since going to shelters and filing reports. he is more than a pet, he is a registered specially trained service dog. she suffers from extreme anxiety broad on by a plane crash she survived when she was eight. >> with him i don't even feel the need to be on medication.
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that is how much comfort he brings me. i am devastated. >> so is her husband, at his wife's side every minute since the disappearance. >> i don't think it is funny, for me and for my wife, we don't have kids, he is our kid. >> they posted flyers at every bart station and what started at $1,000 reward is now at $3,000 from stranger whose heard the story. bart police are doing what they can saying they plan to look at surveillance video. >> i cannot wrap it around my head. i would do anything to get him back. anything. >> new this morning, they are back, the star attractions of the aquarium are back this weekend after six months. the sea aters are -- otters were
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taken off deplace to renovate the tank and now the $3 million project is complete, the sea otters will be back in the tank if everyone to see. >> great, in time for spring break. >> march madness hits a frenzy in berkeley, cal upset 5th seeded unlv last night. cal was led by allen who scored 19 points and the bears' defense held the rebels for more than 11 minutes without a basket in the second half. they sunned unlv. they take on syracuse at h.p. pavilion tomorrow at 6:40. the other bay area team is st. mary's that lost to memphis and has been eliminated. mike, i remember what you said about the 5 the seed and the 12th seed. >> did cal win? >> all the pac 10 teams --
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oregon was 12 seed and they bet 5th seed...oklahoma. >> proud of my cal bears. >> i was happy for them but disappointed at st. mary's. they had the last shot. >> march madness continues again on the court but not in our sky. we have live doppler 7 hd showing how dry it is. we have lost a lot of humidity in the air the last 24 hours. you can see how clean it is looking from the roof camera to the port of oak. san francisco right now is 48. redwood city, too. 47 in san bruno, palo alto is 42. half moon bay is 44. oakland is 48 and richmond and walnut creek is cooler at 42. and pleasanton is 41. antioch is at 54 and union city at 45. 87 in san jose, that is at 47 and morgan hill.
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48 in mountain view, and cupertino is cooler at 42 and cooler than that, gilroy, grab a heavy coat at 38. from mount tamalpais this morning, santa rosa is 45. petaluma is at 41, novato is at 43, and napa and sausalito milder at 49 and 50 degrees. look at all this sunshine. it will be breezy again and it will be mild. it will be clear, calmer and cooler tonight but the warmest afternoon will be this weekend on sunday. here is what is going on, an area of high pressure and it moved over the land during the daytime yesterday and that brought the dry air down sloping winds east mountain and the offshore wind chased away the clouds. a beautiful sunset for this friday evening. in the south bay we are at 69 in milpitas and toward santa cruz and everyone else is in the low 70's. as you head up the peninsula we are in the mid-to-upper 60's and
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breezy, and the winds are fastest along the coast, and mid-60's in downtown, and south san francisco, and sausalito, and mid-to-upper 60's through the not bay valley and breezy at the beeps with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and breezy along the shore, the upper 60's with oakland and fremont is the warm spot with castro valley at 69, and around 70 or 71 in the east bay valley. tonight, the breezes taper and we are in the mid-30's to low 40's inland and mid-40's around the bay and out to the coast. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures pulling become a degree or two tomorrow and will surge ahead on sunday to the warm of the temperatures, and mild on monday and tuesday and i pushed back the chance of rain to wednesday and thursday. >> back, now, to san jose, and c.h.p. has issued a sig-alert with a facility southbound 280, all the investigation is going
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on with three right lanes southbound 280, it continues to be blocked and will be block god quite some time as the coroner is supposed to be arriving. getting around this you should take southbound 280 to northbound 880 and back to southbound 101 to get around this accident. it is southbound 280, three right lanes are currently blocked. fremont, north 880 at north mission a solo spin out still blocking lane two and c.h.p. is on the scene with that and eastbound four at railroad avenue reports of an accident there. kristen and eric? >> a man who posed as a pilot and managed to get in the cockpit of a plane is in custody this morning in philadelphia. he was wearing what appears to be an air france captain uniform and he asked to be upgraded to florida. when the gate agent said "no seats are available in first-class" the 61-year-old
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became upset and said he hated americans. he boarded the plane and went into the cockpit when he struck eled getting to the june seat the real pilot asked him for credentials and police were called and took him into custody. >> a blizzard in canada caused a chain of traffic crashes. white out conditions made it impossible to see yield on the main highway at calgary. some cars flew into ditches involving dozens of cars including a large passenger bus and several semi trailer trucks. >> coming up, fighting crime one bullet at a time, a new tax proposal by east bay lawmaker that is getting attention in crime-troubled oakland. >> nimble at a was, the technology apple could be working on to protect your
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>> don't you hate it when you drop your iphone and it breaks in apple has new filed a patent to protect accidents like that. the technology mimics the way cats protect themselves in a fall and detects the falling motion and shifts the weight so it falls on the side that will cause the least damage. this is just one of many patents the cupertino-based company owns. it is unclear whether it will make it to new iphones. but for clumsy people like me, i am waiting. >> we will look at the radar across the entire state. fur are traveling around on this friday, no weather worries. it is breezy. you will need to watch for that but as far as precipitation in the form of liquid or frozen, it is not happening. we will have upper 60's to low 70's through the central valley with the wind blowing offshore again today so sunshine and 60 in monterey and 45 and cooler
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today in tahoe and 71 in los angeles and 88 in palm springs. if you are headed to tahoe, i hesitate to put this background of snow falling because it is a rare sight, look at all this sunshine today through the weekend, with mid-40's today, to near 50 for saturday and sunday. >> we are going down to san jose again the fatality, southbound, 280, you can see c.h.p. is on the scene and tells us that three right lanes remain blocked and they are waiting if the coroner to arrive, for the investigation ongoing this morning. i suspect it will affect the commute as the morning goes on. the alternate around this would be 280 southbound to 880 northbound and 101 south to get around this. it is a major thoroughfare through this. we are following this for you this morning, southbound, in san jose, 280. in fremont, this is a solo
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spinout blocking lane two, northbound 880 at north mission, i do not see significant slowing, it is early enough and eastbound highway four at railroad, a car and a big rig blocking the we railroad off-ramp which is off the shoulder and you can see by the yellow sensors there is slow traffic and road work if that area from hillcrest to lone tree so you will find eastbound slowing but westbound is looking pretty go this friday morning. >> an east bay lawmakers want to fight violent crime by making ammunition more expensive. alameda democrat is proposing a bill in the state assembly to impose taxes on all gun ammunition sold in retail shows, the money raised is used for crime-fighting programs in the most violent communities. >> the political climate is as good as it has ever been for restrictions and taxes on things like ammunition. people are becoming very aware
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that guns are causing a lot of problems when used by people inappropriately. >> the bill will likely face a big hurdle and gun rights advocates say this violates the 2nd amendment. >> marin county is the healthest county in the state but alcohol is a problem. for the 4th year in a row marin is at the top of the list in lowest premature death and adult obesity and it has the lowest number of deadly car crashes. the annual survey shows 25 percent of marin residents drink too. compared with the state-wide average of 17 percent. >> the same harvard research team that linked sugar drinks to 25,000 death as year now says salt could be even worse. the nudity degrees that one in ten americans die from eating too much salt and researchers
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looked at surveys on sodium intake and trials on the relationship between heart attack and stroke and adds that salty, packaged and processed food can take a heavy toll on heart health. the study is presented at the american heart association annual meeting in new orleans. >> san francisco's archbishop make as strong statement against gay marriage. next at 5:00, the vow he is making as the supreme court is ready to decide the fate of california's proposition 8. >> we are following breaking news from virginia where three marines are shot to death. what we are learning
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. on friday. we have breaking news from san jose right now. ought c.h.p. is investigating a body found on interstate 280. we will look right now at the scene. here's live pictures. this is the southbound side of 280 at the off ramp, you can see c.h.p. presence on the scene after a body was found in a lane before 3:30 this morning. we are told it was a woman. we don't yet know if she was hit by cars on the freeway or died another way but you can see the lanes are blocked. we will turn to abc7 news traffic center. sue, still a sig-alert? >> yes, ma'am. c.h.p. is allowing one lane of traffic to get by, the left lane. three right lanes are blocked. south 280, the coroner is expected any time. the investigation could be ongoing and will affect the commute. we have an alternate around, southbound 280, to northbound
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880, and back to southbound 101 to avoid this. no estimated time of re-opening and a sig-alert south 280 in san jose. we have another situation developing in marin county southbound 101 after the waldo tunnel, large boulders have fallen in the road and several cars have hit them and all lanes southbound 101 are blocked. c.h.p. is on the scene. we will have an update on that in a couple of minutes. mike? >> quieter over here. live doppler 7 hd shows you can keep the umbrella away but have the sunglasses and wind breakers. the winds are making it feel cooler, we have northwest wind at nine and 14 in novato and senator in santa rosa, but on the ridge tops we have faster wind and they are filtering in to the valley. it is brisk this morning in a


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